Russian Telegram channels have reported that Belgorod witnessed another drone attack, this time allegedly targeting the headquarters of the Federal Security Service of Russia (FSB).

Social media posts indicate that the FSB building’s facade was damaged, with broken windows reported. No casualties were reported in this incident.

Photos from the scene of the purported attack were released by Russian Telegram channels.

Belgorod Regional Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov acknowledged that the city experienced a drone attack involving two drones. However, he did not specify the FSB building as a target.

Gladkov mentioned that one drone reportedly hit an apartment building, causing damage to windows, the roof, and the facade. The second drone reportedly fell into a nearby river.

Earlier, on Tuesday, March 12, a drone struck the city administration building in Belgorod, as reported by Gladkov. The governor stated that “an enemy UAV” crashed into the building, resulting in alleged injuries to two people – one woman received shrapnel wounds, while the other suffered a brain concussion from the blast.


The explosion shattered windows and damaged the building’s facade.

These alleged drone strikes occurred amid reports of Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine launching a cross-border attack into the Belgorod and Kursk regions of Russia. Volunteers from the Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR), the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), and affiliated with the Siberian Battalion are reportedly involved in these operations.

Ukrainian Drones Destroy Radio Communication Center 680 km Inside Russia
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Ukrainian Drones Destroy Radio Communication Center 680 km Inside Russia

Kyiv Post sources confirmed the attack on the 590th separate radio technical unit of the military unit 84680, located in Kovylkino, Mordovia, Russia.

Reports suggest that the border settlement of Lozovaya Rudka in the Belgorod region is now under the control of Russian volunteers.

When asked about the speculated evacuation of Belgorod region governor Gladkov and his team, LSR volunteer-fighter Alexey Baranovsky, in exclusive comments to Kyiv Post, neither confirmed nor denied the rumors.

“Gladkov is not a fool. He understands that he has a strong chance of being among the first to face the International Tribunal,” Baranovsky said. “Therefore, it would not be surprising if this pseudo-governor were to be the first to flee Belgorod.”

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