The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) has exposed two Ukrainians recruited by the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) to coordinate missile strikes on Ukraine and bury the remains of Russian soldiers killed near Kyiv.

“The recruited father and son were preparing Russian missile strikes on the capital region,” the SBU's press service reported on Telegram.

The pair are accused of providing their FSB handlers with geolocations of Ukrainian Defense Forces bases, including those of the Special Operations Forces (SSO).

They shared the coordinates of industrial workshops involved in the manufacture of for the Ukrainian armed forces. Russia planned to use the information passed to them from the two agents carry out targeted missile strikes on the Ukrainian facilities.

The report said that “The Security Service were able to thwart the enemy's plans.”.


The two individuals were exposed and detained following an SBU special operation within the Kyiv region.

The SBU also revealed that along with their target identification tasks the agents were also instructed to locate and recover the remains of Russian soldiers who had been killed during the battles for Kyiv.

“The individuals collected fragments of the occupiers’ bodies in containers, later burying them in the forest plantations in the capital’s region,” the SBU said.

They then sent a “photo report” to the FSB, showing the location and coordinates of the burial site.

Ukrainian Intelligence Defines December’s Village Council Grenade Explosions as ‘Terrorist Attack’
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Ukrainian Intelligence Defines December’s Village Council Grenade Explosions as ‘Terrorist Attack’

In December, a local lawmaker at a village council meeting in western Ukraine, upset over alleged corruption, lobbed 3 grenades into a meeting room, killing 2 and injuring 24 more.

“The investigation has revealed that these detainees previously served in law enforcement agencies,” the SBU said.

After their release from service, they were recruited remotely by an FSB personnel officer who took notice of them because they had posted anti-Ukrainian comments on YouTube.

“For their completed tasks, the traitors received monetary ‘rewards’ from the invaders deposited into their bank accounts,” the statement read.

The SBU has formally notified both suspects of suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 111 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (criminal liability for collaboration), for which they face potential life imprisonment.


At the beginning of February, the SB said it had “neutralized” an espionage network and detained five former and serving Ukrainian intelligence officers who were spying for Russia’s FSB.

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