Snipers from the Special Operations Forces (SSO) have reported the elimination of six Russian soldiers in the Kherson direction, according to an announcement on the SSO's Telegram channel.

"A group of Russian servicemen was neutralized by SSO snipers during night operations," read the caption accompanying the released video.

The incident occurred as special forces were observing Russian positions in the Kherson direction during the night, detecting movement on the enemy's side and swiftly responding with precision fire.

"As a result of precise operations, SSO snipers took out six enemy servicemen," the report stated.

The specific weapon used and the distance of the shots were not disclosed by the SSO in this instance.

This successful operation adds to a recent string of achievements by the SSO. Previously, a sniper from the Ukrainian SSO downed a Russian ZALA-type drone valued at 3 million rubles (approximately $33,000).


Accompanying images shared by the SSO showcased the Ukrainian sniper and the captured Russian drone, highlighting the expertise of the sniper and the trophy acquired by the SSO for further analysis.

Moreover, in a recent report, it was disclosed that the SSO unit eliminated 13 Russian servicemen and disabled six pieces of equipment, including tanks and the "Solntsepyok" heavy flamethrower system, using FPV drones.

During reconnaissance in the area of responsibility of the 8th SSO regiment, fighters identified Russian equipment and personnel, leading to a series of strikes conducted with FPV drones. The SSO confirmed that the strikes resulted in the deaths of 13 Russian soldiers and injuries to 12 others.

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