US Republican Senator Lindsey Graham made a visit to Kyiv on Monday, March 18, as announced by the US Embassy in Ukraine via Twitter.

"Today we welcome Lindsey Graham to Kyiv. The US’s unwavering support is crucial for Ukraine’s success against Russia’s illegal full-scale war," the US embassy stated on Twitter.

As a senior Republican Senator from South Carolina, Graham has been actively involved in Ukrainian affairs since the onset of Russia's invasion.

In August, he emphasized the importance of holding elections in Ukraine even amidst wartime conditions.

In October, Graham adamantly opposed calls, notably from former US President Donald Trump, to halt American aid to Ukraine, warning that such a move would have dire consequences akin to a "death sentence" for Taiwan.

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Coach John
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On February 14th Lindsay Graham withdrew his support of the Senate appropriations bill earmarking $61 billion for Ukraine's defense needs.
This is from The Washington Post the same day: Lindsey Graham, a longtime foreign policy hawk, bows to Trump on Ukraine

Last May, Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) visited Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in Kyiv, warmly embracing the embattled leader and later urging President Biden to “do more” to help the nation as it fights off Russia’s invasion.

But this week, Graham voted repeatedly against sending $60 billion in aid to that nation as well as against other military funds for Israel and U.S. allies in the Indo-Pacific.

“I talked to President Trump today and he’s dead set against this package,” Graham said on the Senate floor on Sunday, a day after the former president said at a rally that he would let the Russians do “whatever the hell they want” to NATO allies that did not spend enough on defense. “He thinks that we should make packages like this a loan, not a gift,” Graham said.

I know Ukraine has to play nice, but Graham is NOT a friend of Ukraine. He is a spineless shill for Trump without a shred of manhood.
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GOP Lindsey Graham and Mitch McConnell what's your game? Can't you see the cognitive dissonance it requires for anyone supporting Ukraine to believe anything you say?

You say you want to support Ukraine. You even show up there in person for photo-opts. You rightfully call putin what he is....a murderous thug. However over and over again, you then turn around, and throw your full political support behind traitor putinrump who actually says that if re-elected he will not give Ukraine a further penny of support.

Ukraine leadership, I am sorry these putinrump minions keep wasting your time and resources. I sure hope your battlefront plans are not shared with these potential MRGA spies. You sadly don't have much of a choice than to play along, given their GOP's MRGA sect hostages the further USA aid you need. I guess its just one of those times you need to cross your fingers and hope these waffling old men will actually come through for the good of your (and their own) nation.

Someday I expect to see these guys names on a Jeffery Epstein under aged sex party guest list. Epstein's former swinging wingman Putinrump has something on both of them. He always pulls them back to do his foul bidding whenever they wonder down his unapproved path of doing something moral.

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@John, lindsey?isnt dat a girls name? so what is double gender doing in the gop? to which loo does he goes? has he a wife or a man as husband? so many questions about this some kinda woke thing in the gop
the only thing this sucker ever achieved is that he is on that special list from the rasshists