The European Council has invited the Council to quickly adopt the negotiating framework prepared by the European Commission for Ukraine and Moldova.

“The European Council welcomes the progress of Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova in advancing on the necessary reforms on their EU path. Further to the submission of the draft negotiating frameworks for Ukraine and the Republic of Moldova, the European Council invites the Council to swiftly adopt them and to take work forward without delay,” the conclusions of the European Council, which is taking place in Brussels, reads.

In addition, the European Council has taken note of Georgia's ongoing efforts and encourages the country to move forward on unresolved priority reforms.

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Yes.....Build a society that benefits its people and others will want to join.

The EU family's growth continues. Yes like all families it has issues. Not everyone is happy all the time. But each member has better security from external despot invaders in unity than separately.

All are happier than they would be under expansionist putin's thuggery.