Russia has announced the detention of seven Moscow residents allegedly linked to a pro-Ukraine, anti-Kremlin militia accused of incursions into Russian border regions, according to Moscow’s state news agencies.

The Russian Federal Security Service (FSB) report claimed that the individuals had connections with the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK), the FSB said was operating as part of the Ukrainian army.

The accused had “discussed ways of carrying out violent actions against representatives of law enforcement agencies, servicemen and foreigners,” the FSB’s statement read.

The arrests, carried out in coordination, came shortly after President Vladimir Putin’s directive for the FSB to crackdown on the fighters, whom he denounced as “scum” traitors.

Footage released by Russian state news agencies depicted FSB officers entering an apartment to detain one suspect, alongside a photo purporting to show a cache of seized weapons.


The militias claim to comprise Russian citizens opposing Moscow’s offensive against Ukraine, asserting responsibility for a series of bold incursions into Russian territory.

Following recent raids targeting the Russian border regions of Kursk and Belgorod, Putin has instructed the FSB to pursue the fighters “without statute of limitations.”

Bloomberg reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense had to redeploy military units from the front line to safeguard Belgorod near the Ukrainian border. This move was prompted by attacks by Russian volunteers from the RDK, the Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR), and the Siberian Battalion.

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Russia Announces Deal on Exchange of Children With Ukraine

Moscow has been accused of forcibly taking Ukrainian children into Russian territory during its full-scale offensive, with Lvova-Belova wanted by the ICC on charges related to those allegations.

Ongoing clashes between the Russian military and pro-Ukrainian Russian volunteer groups have been observed in the Kursk and Belgorod regions. The anti-Kremlin volunteer militias have claimed responsibility for the recent assaults on Belgorod.

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Not A Coach
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these socalled partisans will be accused of the tonights attack in Crocus.........................???????
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Next years russian headline:

"Putin detains 144 million russian traitors".

He then searches for more loyal foreign workers from Syria, Iran, Cuba, NK, Nepal, China and India to help manage his prisons, national infrastructure and remaining economic base. His remaining minions don't like that kind of work. They are more qualified at lounging in their billionaire dollar estates / harems.