The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) called December’s grenade incident at the Keretsk Village Council in the Zakarpattia region a “terrorist attack” in an official press release following the completion of its investigation. 

On Dec 15, 2023, local lawmaker Serhiy Batrin of the Servant of the People party lobbed three grenades during a village council meeting following an argument, killing 2 and injuring 24 more – including himself.

“According to the investigation, on that day the person involved tried to influence the decision-making on personnel and budget issues, which were taken by the leadership of the community,” read the press release.

Ukrainian news outlet UNN said the argument might have arisen from a dispute with the local leadership. Batrin had previously complained about local water supply and accused the local leadership of embezzling budget funds.


In a video, Batrin could be seen entering the building, standing by the door to the meeting for a few seconds before removing three grenades from his coat pocket and casually tossing them onto the floor. The video is shown below but may be unsuitable for some viewers.

The SBU identified the grenades being used as three RGD-5 and F-1 combat fragmentation grenades but did not disclose how Batrin acquired the grenades in its press release.

The SBU referred to the court charges under two articles based on the Criminal Code of Ukraine, namely the “terrorist act that led to the death of people” and “carrying, storage, acquisition of explosive devices without the permission prescribed by law.”

Security Services Arrest Alleged Spy Feeding FSB Intel
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Security Services Arrest Alleged Spy Feeding FSB Intel

The SBU accuses a Zaporizhzhia-based informant of passing data to the FSB after tracking the intensity of equipment traffic and approximate number of AFU troops heading for the front lines.

Batrin is under custody and could face life imprisonment if found guilty.

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