The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine strongly condemns the massive Iranian attacks against the State of Israel.

Such actions are completely unacceptable, irresponsible and carry the risk of unprecedented further escalation of the situation in the Middle East.

It is extremely important to make every effort to prevent the confrontation from escalating into a large-scale regional conflict.

This attack once again demonstrates the importance of mobilizing all the power of the free world to defend the global boundaries of democracy.

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Israel against international law attacked a embassy/consulate which has (diplomatic)immunity, Last time I can remember this happened was 1999, during the Serbian war the Chinese embassy was bombed by accident.

Bill Clinton ended up issuing an apology and paid compensation.
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We all know what the US will do next, right? A ton of military support will go to Israel while the support for Ukraine will be delayed even further.
And that makes me believe that comrade Putin encouraged Iran to carry out this attack. Iran needed to retaliate in some way and putin seized the opportunity to make it a big one to again divert attention from the war in Ukraine.
Not surprisingly, politicians all over the world are falling for it. Wake up people, the missiles were iranian, bur Putin was pulling the strings.
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Iran copies Russian war actions. Just goes to prove that assholes of a feather stick together. Look who the allies of Russia are and it is clear they are all in the same bag. Democracy denying Communistic Fascist jerkoffs that think they have a right to take territory from other nations and enslave their people. These are the nations that force their people to stay in their country while free nations have people flooding to them for a better life and freedom.
The issue that faces this generation is are people in democratic nations willing to put their lives on the line to protect democracy and our way of life or, have people in free nations grown so soft that they would rather submit to a dictator. I truly hope free people still have the "stuff" to stand up to dictators and say, you will not prevail and we will not submit' so help me God, we will fight you to our last breath, or yours.
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You show great restraint in not saying "Wow look at that, the west can defend a country's airspace if they want to."