• On 14 April 2024, Ukrainian Commander-in-Chief General Syrskyi stated Russian forces intend to take Chasiv Yar in eastern Ukraine by 09 May 2024, the date of Russia's Victory Day celebrations. Syrskyi stated that Chasiv Yar is a preliminary step towards the larger city of Kramatorsk.
  • On 18 April 2024, Ukrainian Khortytsia Operational Strategic Group of Forces commander noted Russian Air Force dropping 20-30 munitions per day. These are likely discharged by Russian Su-25 aircraft operating close to the line of contact and Su-34 operating at a stand-off distance using glide bombs. This is a concerted aerial bombardment and is a tactic repeated from the Avdiivka campaign.
  • Chasiv Yar town is heavily defended and situated on high ground. Russian ground forces have made only slow progress in the area.
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