Russian police in St. Petersburg shot a man who was attempting to commit suicide after he stole one of their guns and fired at one of them.

As reported by Russian state media TASS, the incident took place on Anglisky Avenue on Saturday, April 27. The 42-year-old suspect’s mother called the ambulance after her son took 100 tablets for epilepsy treatment in an apparent suicide attempt.

After the doctors arrived, they requested police assistance for safety.

When the doctors attempted to bring the man out of the apartment to the hospital, he grabbed a pistol from one of them and opened fire, injuring an officer in the shoulder before. Then, another officer returned fire, hitting the suspect and killing him on the spot.

“When the doctors tried to take the man out of the apartment to take him to the hospital, he took out a pistol from under his clothes and shot at the policeman, hitting him in the shoulder.


“In response, the second policeman, in accordance with the Law on Police, used his service weapon and shot in the direction of the armed man men. The attacker died from his wounds,” says the report released by the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia for the city and Leningrad region.

The policeman who was shot was placed in intensive care, where reported that the bullet passed through the shoulder and went into the spine.

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It’s believed the suspect’s mother was present at the time of the incident.

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