Ukrainian grandmother Lidia Lominovska was drained. The 97-year-old had walked for hours in search of safety after the Russians bombed her frontline village of Ocheretyne.

Wearing a colorful headscarf around her wrinkled face, the frail but resilient Lominovska recounted her exhausting trek of some 10 kilometers (six miles) in the eastern Donetsk region.

“I walked for a long time. I walked and walked and I was tired... My God!” she said, calmly recalling the chaos of the past few days after fleeing on Friday.

“I kept going and going and going,” she told AFP from her bed at a shelter in nearby Pokrovsk.

Russia has been pushing westwards in the Donetsk region since its capture in February of Avdiivka, an eastern hub that witnessed some of the worst battles of Moscow's two-year offensive.


In recent days, fighting has intensified in nearby Ocheretyne, part of which is reportedly under Russian control. Moscow has also captured other villages in the area.

Ukraine's commander-in-chief Oleksandr Syrsky reported Sunday that the situation on the front was “worsening” as Russia’s troops had capitalized on an advantage in manpower and arms to press forward.

‘Grandma, where are you going?’

“Oh, I've suffered so much!” said Lominovska, who left everything behind and fled her home in Ocheretyne, which numbered around 3,000 residents before the war.

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“God knows who was shelling. I didn't see anyone. I just heard something go off. I didn't know where it was, or what,” Lominovska told AFP.

So she left, coming across the bodies of fallen soldiers as she walked through her village, now largely in ruins.

“Almost everything was on fire... They (the Russians) have burnt down so many houses,” she said.

“But you know, I was walking and there was no one anywhere. I just heard the shooting. I thought they would shoot at me while I was shuffling along.”


Using a piece of broken board as a cane, Lominovska continued along a path leading towards Pokrovsk, some 30 kilometers (19 miles) to the west of Ocheretyne.

She had no sense of time, explaining: “I don't have a watch, I don't have anything.”

She had been walking alone for several hours when two Ukrainian soldiers stopped their car and one asked: “Grandma, where are you going?”

“I said, ‘I'm going as far as I can go, and then I'll fall into the grass and spend the night there,’” Lominovska recalled.

‘Shelling does not stop’

“The soldiers gave me two sandwiches. I ate one. Somehow, I no longer had the strength to eat,” she added.

The troops then called the police to give her a ride to Pokrovsk.

Regional police spokesman Pavlo Dyachenko said Lominovska had “covered on foot a distance of about 10 kilometers” (six miles).

On Sunday, incessant heavy strikes targeted the area and gray smoke plumes appeared in the sky, according to an AFP reporter in the village of Vozdvizhenka.

Two of its residents were evacuated by members of a special police unit dubbed the White Angels, Dyachenko said.

He believes Lominovska must have been one of the last people to leave her village, which he said was now destroyed.


“A few are still there, but we don't know their number, or whether they're alive or dead,” he added.

He said the situation in surrounding villages is also very difficult, as “the enemy's shelling does not stop.”

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God bless her.
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Sounds like another Hallmark memory for a russia orc. Here's how that plays out on a typical russian orcs' letter home..

"Hi Mama. Today I blew up a 97 year old grandmother's house and forced her to walk for hours with only a broken board for a cane. Now she has nothing. I never thought serving in the russian military could be so fulfilling. It's your pride in me Mama, that inspires me to do more vile acts for tsar putin. Your festering orc"

Sadly russian leaders do not know how to admit wrong, make reparations, seek forgiveness. Russia's peoples do not know how to effectively stand up to their mad leadership. They hope laying a rose at a martyrs tomb will somehow change russia for the better. Meanwhile putin says murder that innocent and they do it. He says die in my pointless war of personal greed and they die. Mindless orcs.

As such they must be violently defeated and then russia militarily neutered to prevent further murderous invasions of other peaceful neighbours.

In future years the orc Mama no longer gets a christmas card from their murderous orc son. In 2024, karma finally caught up with it in Ukraine.
Help is on the way
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Fucking Russians! But not to worry, once Trump is back in office he will put an end to this shit and the fucking war.