Ukraine is planning to launch a mobile application for conscription-age males to update their military registration on May 18, the day the new mobilization law comes into force, said Kateryna Chernogorenko, deputy minister of defense of Ukraine for digital development.

“On May 18, the Ministry of Defense will launch, as defined by the current law, the electronic office of a conscript ... Now this application is literally being created, and we are receiving all the necessary documents to make it available to all our citizens,” Chernogorenko told Radio Liberty on Wednesday.

The new mobilization law stipulates that Ukrainian male of military age – 18 to 60 – should update their data with the military registration within 60 days after the new law comes into force. 


Chernogorenko said the application “can be downloaded from the App Store and the Google Play Market” and will be one of three ways for Ukrainian men – domestically and abroad – to update their military registration. 

“Actually, from May 18, conscripts will have the obligation to register their data, namely, phone number, e-mail and actual address of residence in three available formats,” said Chernogorenko, adding that conscripts can either do so through the territorial center of recruitment and social support (TCC), local administrative offices (TsNAP), or the new app.

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“We are working on making this very simple and convenient function available in the application – to log in, fill in these three ‘fields’ and immediately receive information from the database of military personnel connected to [the military registry] ‘Oberih’ in order to check what data is on you in the register,” Chernogorenko added. 

Chernogorenko said the new app would not require a physical visit to the TCC, and the latter will contact the conscript in person should any issues arise. 


“It will be possible to do it remotely, without a visit to the TCC. In the future, to clarify other data, if necessary, the TCC will contact the conscript and then it will be a work between the conscript and a direct employee of the TCC.

“It will be possible to update these data from any convenient point, including from abroad,” she said.

Earlier, Kyiv Post reported that certain consular services, including passport issuance, have been suspended for all Ukrainian males of military age abroad in relation to the new law, where they would need to register and update their military data to receive full consular services after May 18. 

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