The Atesh partisan movement reported via Telegram the arrival of numerous killed and wounded Russian soldiers in occupied Dzhankoy, Crimea.

“At the station, we noticed massive transportation of the wounded and ‘200’ [killed] from the left bank of the occupied Kherson region,” the report read.

The guerrillas also recorded the arrival of new trains with replenishment daily, releasing corresponding photos.

They claimed that the Russian military leadership continues to send mobilized troops to the front, stating, “The Ukrainian Defense Forces will meet them [the mobilized] and add to the statistics of Russian army losses.”

Additionally, the partisans reported the recorded transfer of a train of BM-21 Grad multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) towards the Kherson region in Dzhankoy. They released corresponding video and photographic evidence.


“The occupation regime continues to restore Soviet weapons systems for use in the war against the Ukrainian people,” the partisans reported.

Atesh observed significant depletion of equipment warehouses at a high rate. They stated they have been working “to increase Russian casualties,” with assistance from Russian servicemembers themselves.

Ukraine Navy: Missile Strikes Sinking One Russian Warship Confirmed, Second Probable
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Ukraine Navy: Missile Strikes Sinking One Russian Warship Confirmed, Second Probable

Russian milbloggers seem convinced it was American ATACMS missiles. If it was it means Washington has handed over top-end, harder-hitting models of the weapon.

“We will not hide the fact that we know the final destination of this train. We know exactly where the invaders will store them [the MLRS],” the partisans said.

“Therefore, they don’t have long to exist,” they added.

In late March, agents of the Atesh guerrilla movement reported close monitoring of the situation in Russian-occupied Crimea and stated that the Kremlin continues to build up troops there, even preparing to repel Ukrainian sabotage-reconnaissance groups in Sevastopol.


Sources within the partisan movement also told Kyiv Post that Russian special services have been conducting large-scale measures to discredit pro-Ukrainian movements, including Atesh. The partisans also published a statement, noting that Russia is planning new terrorist attacks to suppress Ukrainian resistance.

In mid-April, Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR) stated that Kyiv “destroyed or critically damaged” four launchers of Russia’s most powerful air defense system – the S-400 – in its early morning attack on April 17 on Russia’s Dzhankoy military airfield. Ukrainian partisans from the Atesh movement confirmed their involvement in the attack.

The attack took out three radar stations, an air defense equipment control point, and “Fundament-M” airspace surveillance equipment, with casualties still being clarified, HUR said.

“The occupiers believed in their newest air defense system so much that they placed warehouses with missiles right next to the launcher,” the partisans added.

Analysts from the Institute of War Studies (ISW) said that the Ukrainian strikes on Crimea represent “a fairly coordinated and wide-reaching series of strikes specifically targeting Russian aviation, air defense, and radar detection capabilities,” in their assessment of the Russian offensive campaign.

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