UPDATE: At 10 a.m., Ukraine's Military Intelligence released an official report on the strikes conducted in Crimea.

Kyiv Post’s intelligence sources reported that in the early morning on Thursday, May 30, special forces of the Main Intelligence Directorate (HUR) struck two Russian KC-701 Tuna-class boats using Magura V5 unmanned surface vehicles (USV), or naval drones.

“Two boats were hit, probably of the Tuna-class,” said an HUR source.

The KC-701 boats are used by Russian security forces for operations and by Putin’s oligarchs for fishing, earning them the nickname “Putin boats.”

Multiple explosions were reported in the temporarily occupied Crimea overnight.


Telegram channels indicated that around 02:30, traffic across the Kerch Bridge was halted by the Russian special services. Residents in Kerch reported hearing “about 10 explosions” over the city.

The Russian Ministry of Defense said that “regular air defense systems destroyed eight tactical missiles over the Azov Sea and intercepted eight UAVs over the Black Sea near the coast of the Crimean Peninsula.”

“In addition, two unmanned boats heading in the direction of the Crimean Peninsula were destroyed by regular firepower in the Black Sea,” the ministry added.

Recon-Drone Operator ‘Diego Rodriguez’ – ‘I Feel Very Good at War, I Have no Fatigue’
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Recon-Drone Operator ‘Diego Rodriguez’ – ‘I Feel Very Good at War, I Have no Fatigue’

Ukrainian recon-drone operator and UAV unit commander, call sign Diego Rodriguez, last year filmed his 1990s SEAT station wagon prepped for winter exclusively for Kyiv Post.

The KC-701 Tuna is a diesel boat with an aluminum hull, designed for travel, patrolling, and recreational purposes, depending on the modification.

It measures 8.8 meters in length, and 2.5 meters in width, with a capacity of up to six people, including crew and passengers. These boats are mostly owned by Russian border guards and the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Produced by the Kostroma Shipyard, the KC-701 features a distinct angular hull shape and a reverse-slope windshield, which helps reduce glare on the water in sunny conditions.

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