There will be no hesitation, red flags, or concessions in the United States’ support for Ukraine.

“The most important reason for which I came is to tell the President, the Head of the Office personally and all of you publicly that the United States will stand with Ukraine as long as it is necessary in this war. There will be no hesitation, no red flags, no concessions in our support as we move forward,” United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan said at a joint briefing.

Sullivan noted that at the meetings with the Ukrainian leadership, he laid out the American vision of how to make sure that resources were provided for ensuring further security assistance, strengthening the Ukrainian economy, repairing the power grid, helping refugees, and ensuring other humanitarian needs.


Biden’s adviser also noted that the United States would continue to make efforts in the areas of security, economic, humanitarian aid, as well as provide consultations on how to strengthen Ukraine’s position among the rest of the international community and on the battlefield. He said the U.S. President was committed to working on a bipartisan basis to provide assistance in the coming months.

“We started with the strong funding for the support we’ve been providing over the past eight months, and we’re committed to building on that foundation in the months ahead. In the hour of trouble and during the triumph, the USA will be there for the sake of the people of Ukraine, for the sake of this country in this struggle. We will move forward in order to be able to prove it not only in words but also in action,” the advisor to the U.S. President emphasized.

'Now We Have a Chance to Overtake the Initiative' - Zelensky Says After Ukrainian Aid Bill Passes in US House
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'Now We Have a Chance to Overtake the Initiative' - Zelensky Says After Ukrainian Aid Bill Passes in US House

Ukraine's President added that the situation on the frontlines depends on when Ukraine finally receives the assistance.
Photo credit: Ukrinform. (PAVO_BAHMUT)

As reported, on November 4, the U.S. Department of Defense announced the allocation of a new package of security assistance to Ukraine worth about $400 million within the framework of the Ukraine Security Assistance Initiative (USAI).

The new package provides for the allocation of funds for the modernization of HAWK air defense guided missile systems for their further transfer to Ukraine. In addition, 45 updated T-72B tanks with improved optics, means of communication and armor, as well as 1,100 tactical Phoenix Ghost drones, 40 armored river boats, protected communication and surveillance systems will be sent to Ukraine. Funding is also earmarked for the modernization of 250 M1117 armored security vehicles and for the maintenance and operational readiness of already transferred equipment. 

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