Ukrainian paratroopers in Novomykhailivka (Donetsk region) repelled Russian assaults, destroying seven Russian BMP infantry fighting vehicles (IFVs)) along with their personnel, reported the 79th Separate Air Assault Brigade of the Tavriya Brigade via Telegram.

“The real portal to hell was opened by the occupiers in the Novomykhailivka district of Donetsk region, and they continue to enter it in whole columns,” the report said.

The footage shows the coordinated efforts of Ukrainian attack drone units and artillery. Kyiv Post was unable to independently verify the time and location of the video.

The Russians attempted another assault supported by tanks, armored vehicles, and assault groups. Ukrainian fighters countered the offensive by employing blocking minefields and anti-tank missile systems, halting the main armored forces and forcing the enemy to dismount.


All Russian equipment that was immobilized was subsequently destroyed by drone operators, using both drops from attack UAVs and targeted hits from kamikaze FPVs.

The surviving Russian personnel attempted to hide in an abandoned building, but Ukrainian artillery quickly targeted the location.

“Some of the Russians proved surprisingly resilient, managing to hide in one of the houses. But Ukrainian aviation left the invaders no chance,” the report stated.

Ukraine Says Arming Troops with Ammo Earmarked for Scrap
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Ukraine Says Arming Troops with Ammo Earmarked for Scrap

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry has returned a large amount of surplus ammunition to the Armed Forces, which had been sent to enterprises for disposal before Russia's full-scale invasion.

“Right on target!” the paratroopers added.

Earlier, aerial scouts from the 71st Separate Hunting Brigade of the Ukrainian Airborne Assault Forces reported the destruction of a large concentration of Russian troops using FPV drones. They also released footage showing the destruction of a Russian tank and an infantry fighting vehicle with FPV drones.

Additionally, Special Operations Forces (SSO) often report the elimination of enemy manpower concentrations with FPV drones. For instance, they recently eliminated over a dozen Russian soldiers during a successful mission.


The SSO has also destroyed various pieces of military equipment, including armored personnel carriers, tanks, anti-aircraft missile gun complexes, self-propelled artillery pieces, howitzers, mortar positions, and TOS-1A 220mm Solntsepyok MLRS fitted with thermobaric warheads.

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