The Ukrainian Special Operations Forces (SSO) reported on Telegram the destruction of several pieces of Russian heavy equipment during the week, including a T-72 tank, along with the elimination of 11 Russian soldiers.

“Heavy equipment and 11 enemy soldiers were destroyed in the Donetsk region,” read the caption to the video released by the SSO.

Operators of first-person view (FPV) drones from the “Medoyid” tactical group of the 3rd SSO regiment discovered and destroyed the following in the Donetsk direction:

  • T-72 tank
  • 2S6 “Tunguska” anti-aircraft missile gun complex
  • Armored combat vehicle
  • Company base and 11 Russian servicemen.

The video showcased footage captured by drone cameras, displaying a series of explosions and the destruction of Russian military equipment. Kyiv Post could not independently verify the time and place of the video shooting.


A Ukrainian aerial scout interviewed by Kyiv Post confirmed that the video depicted the moment of the defeat of the Russian T-72 tank. However, it is challenging to establish that the footage shows the defeat of the Tunguska anti-aircraft missile gun complex due to the low quality of the video.

A new T-72 tank ranges from $3-4 million, depending on the configuration, while an older Soviet T-72 can cost as low as half a million dollars.

The Tunguska is a Soviet and Russian anti-aircraft missile and gun system designed for the anti-aircraft defense of mechanized and tank units on the march and at all stages of combat.

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The peculiarity of the 2S6 complex lies in the combination of gun and missile weapons, radar, and optical fire control devices using common systems: radar detection, tracking radar, digital computer system, and hydraulic guidance drives in one combat vehicle. Kyiv Post has not found data on the cost of the complex in open sources.

Previously, the SSO reported the destruction of a Russian field warehouse of ammunition and the elimination of three Russian soldiers in the southern direction. Special Ops fighters inflicted fire damage on the targets using FPV drones and a 122mm D-30 howitzer.


These missions add to a series of recent successes by the Special Ops, utilizing FPV drones. Earlier, the SSO reported a strike on a Russian T-90 tank using FPV drones, which is among Russia's most modern main battle tanks, valued on the export market between $2.5 to $4.3 million, depending on the level of modernization.

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