Hours after Russia’s missile strike on Kyiv Children’s Okhmadyt hospital, Ukraine’s biggest companies provided wounded patients with water and food, sent equipment and vehicles, and allocated money to restore the hospital. 

An hour and a half after an announcement wounded patients received food and water, and trucks with the necessary items from Ukraine’s leading food retailers arrived, according to an official Telegram post by Ukrainian lawmaker Danylo Hetmantsev.

“I can’t help but thank companies like ATB, Silpo, Novus, Auchan, Varus, and Kolo for their immediate response to the request for assistance with water and food for the victims,” he wrote.

Ukraine’s biggest state-owned bank Privatbank is allocating Hr.3 million ($75,000) for the purchase of medical equipment to restore operations of the destroyed hospital building, alongside essential drugs and medical supplies, according to the bank’s press release.


Prominent Ukrainian investment company ICU announced it is allocating Hr.5,000,000 ($125,000) to “aid the hospital and children with cancer receiving treatment there,” the company wrote in its Instagram post.

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ICU announced its allocating Hr.5,000,000 hryvnia ($125,000) to “aid the hospital and children with cancer receiving treatment there.”

Ruslan Shostak, the owner of the EVA and Varus retail grocery stores, is allocating Hr.1 million ($25,000) for the restoration of the hospital, Shostak told Forbes Ukraine.

Forbes also reported that the CEO of Intellias, Ukraine’s largest IT company, Vitalii Sedler said his company would donate about a Hr.1 million hryvnia ($25,000).

Taryan Group, a luxury Kyiv developer, is also allocating Hr.1 million hryvnia ($25,000) and humanitarian help to the victims of the attack, according to the company’s comment to Forbes.


Taras Panasenko, co-owner and CEO of the Aurora one-dollar retailer, told Forbes they plan to allocate Hr.5 million ($125,000) donation to Okhmadyt. Panasenko himself donated 400,000 hryvnia ($10,000).

Epicenter, Ukraine’s biggest network of 72 building material malls across the country, is providing construction equipment and materials to assist in clearing debris. The company will also contribute to restore Okhmadyt, Epicenter PR director Yuliia Chudnovets wrote in her post on Facebook, though not providing further details on the matter publicly. The company will also allocate cash to restore the hospital.

Ukraine’s largest online marketplace Rozetka will allocate cash to restore “unique” medical equipment of the hospital, company’s co-founder Vladyslav Chechotkin told Forbes.

Ukraine’s largest telecom company Kyivstar is donating Hr.10 million ($250,000) to rebuild the hospital, using the Dobro non-government organization to allocate the funds, the company reported in its post on Facebook.

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