Kremlin bombers and warships on Friday, Dec. 16,  launched yet another wave of massed long-range missile strikes at Ukrainian civilian targets, hitting homes and infrastructure in the capital Kyiv and in cities across the country.


Russian army commanders used precision-guided X-101 missiles fired from Tu-95 bombers flying above the Sea of Azov and Kinzhal missiles launched from frigates in the Black Sea, a statement from Ukraine’s Defense Ministry said.

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Russian ground units based in occupied regions of Ukraine’s south also fired S-300 surface-to-surface missiles and Iran-manufactured Shahed kamikaze drones, according to news reports. More than 60 weapons were fired from various launch platforms, Mykolaiv regional defense head Valery Kim said in a statement.



The incoming wave of guided munitions, aimed primarily at Ukraine’s power grid and public heating infrastructure, set off air raid warning alarms across the country at 8 a.m. Utility operators blacked out some regions proactively, prior to missile detonations, in a bid to prevent power surges. Most missiles and drones had detonated or been intercepted by Ukrainian air defenses by 9:30 a.m.


Most of Ukraine’s major cities were hit, news reports aid.


Of 40 missiles fired at the capital Kyiv, 37 were shot down, a Kyiv city administration statement said.


At least four missiles targeted the capital Kyiv. One weapon detonated in the northern Desniansky district.

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Three missiles hit utility infrastructure targets in Kharkiv, regional defense command commander Oleh Synyehubov said.


Kyiv's subway cannot resume work due to a shortage of electricity," said Viktor Vygovsky, Chief engineer of the capital's subway.


"Now we have a situation of restriction and lack of electricity on parts of the power distribution company's power supply centers,"  Vygovsky said.


The eastern industrial city of Dnipro was also hit, as were the southern cities of Kryvyi Rih, according to regional defense head Oleksandr Vikul, and Zaporizhzhia. The Russians also struck the Black Sea port city of Odesa



Ukrainian air defenses nationwide engaged the attacking weapons. Kyiv Post reporters at multiple locations in the capital heard explosions in the air space to the south of the city.


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