Electrical supply in the Kyiv region remains critical after drone and rocket attacks on Monday, Dec. 19, 2022, said the chairman of the Kyiv Regional State Administration Oleksiy Kuleba.

 "I would like to emphasize that with each enemy attack, the complexity and duration of repair work increases. Due to large-scale damage to the energy infrastructure, Ukrenergo will implement emergency power outages," Kuleba texted on his Telegram app.

 According to Kuleba, 80 percent of the region is without electricity: That's more than 30 communities.

 "The priority for electricity supply are critical infrastructure facilities - hospitals, heat and water facilities. In coordination with Ukrenergo and DTEK, we are trying to restore the power supply and reach the planned shutdown schedules as soon as possible. We will promptly inform you about the progress of the restoration work," Kuleba said,  asking Kyiv region residents to treat the situation with understanding.


 Meanwhile, the mayor of Bucha, Anatoliy Fedoruk, said that the Buchan community was de-energized due to serious damage to the power system.

 "Special schedules of emergency shutdowns have been introduced for the 330 kilowatt Severnaya substation," Fedoruk said, calling on the heads of the housing and communal services, management companies and entrepreneurs, as well as all residents of the community, to be prepared to help each other, especially the most vulnerable neighbors, as the situation may worsen.

Russia Says Seized Village in East Ukraine's Donetsk Region
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The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine has yet to comment on this information.

 According to him, critical infrastructure will be powered by alternative sources and, if technically possible, they will temporarily have a stable power supply from DTEK energy networks.

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