Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov says that understanding of what, when and how can be delivered by partners in terms of air defense to close the Ukrainian skies will come next month.

He said this on Thursday. Oct. 13, in Brussels to Ukrainian journalists, commenting on the course of meetings in the Ramstein format and with defense ministers of NATO member countries.

“The main thing is that the political decision has been made. Then there will be testing … I am for our expectations to be justified – tomorrow the sky will not be closed … These are expensive systems, complex, for which you need to train – so that there are no illusions that everything will change tomorrow,” he explained the situation.

In addition, Reznikov stated that “no air defense system in the world guarantees 100% protection.” “It is impossible to close the sky 100% – this is so that there are no illusions. The only question is the percentage of possible interception – today our glorious air defenses systemically shoot down up to 50% of all threats with existing resources. Therefore, if we bring it up to 60% -70% -80% – it will be wonderful. This is the first thing. The second thing is short range, medium and long range – 40-80-200 km – this is approximately how these systems are divided. And they can be different – SAM is also an air defense system, even Stingers are air defense systems. We need to look at where we have gaps, such as critical infrastructure facilities,” the minister detailed.

Pentagon Says Ukraine Can US Weapons Anywhere Across The Border Into Russia
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Pentagon Says Ukraine Can US Weapons Anywhere Across The Border Into Russia

Pentagon spokesperson Major General Patrick Ryder said that while there had been no change in policy, Kyiv’s use of weapons against Russian troops was not limited to near Kharkiv on the Russian side.

According to the head of the defense department, within the Contact Group in the Ramstein format, which is an “American project,” the Pentagon “sent a public signal to everyone yesterday that we are starting to work to speed up assistance to Ukraine as much as possible.” “Within two weeks, we will have an understanding, approximately, of who and what gives us – someone gives us missiles and so on – now they are studying. The next month will give us the answer to this question – when, how much and how,” Reznikov stressed.


Speaking about past meetings, the minister stated that he could not “talk about everything in detail.” “The main thing: about a month and a half ago, we thought about what else to ask our partners for in order to strengthen our air defense from what they can give and from what they have available, and that it will not be a big problem for them… and yesterday during the meeting this was discussed at a serious level. All partners heard the relevant request, which was supported by the American partners, and this is the main thing that it is necessary to strengthen Ukraine’s air defense as quickly as possible,” he outlined the nature of the discussion.

Reznikov mocked that Ukraine has two support options in this war: “these are our partners, not only the alliance – yesterday there were 50 delegations [at the meeting of the Contact Group], but, in fact, we have another one who supports us support this is Kremlin.”

“Every time they commit another idiotic act – there is no other way to call it, they increase the level of support for Ukraine. My partners used to ask me what I was afraid of – and I answered that it was the so-called fatigue syndrome so that your people would not get tired of this war, and you would start helping us less. Every time my warning goes off the rails, something happens. Missiles fired all over Ukraine two days before the meeting. And yesterday, all the ministers told me – you have no idea, we have such a level of support for Ukraine that it just rolls over – people demand this from them. The Kremlin is doing everything so that the world continues to support us. They say – tell the Ukrainians that they inspire us, we are impressed, and thank you. And every time two main things sound: firstly, you are waging war not only for yourself, but also for us, for the entire democratic world, and this is not pathos. And secondly, we assure you that we will be with you to the end, no matter how much it takes,” the minister said.

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