President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called for the adoption of a UN resolution condemning energy terror.

“The Security Council should provide a clear assessment of the actions of the terrorist state in accordance with Chapter Seven of the UN Charter. Ukraine proposes that the Security Council adopt such a resolution condemning any forms of energy terror. Let’s see if anyone in the world will be able to say, along with Russia, that terror against civilians is supposedly a good thing,” he said, speaking via video link on Wednesday, Nov. 24, to a special meeting of the UN Security Council.

“I confirm the invitation from Ukraine regarding the mission of UN experts to critical infrastructure facilities of our country that have been or may be hit by Russian missiles. It is necessary to give a proper assessment of damage and destruction,” he also said.


Zelensky said “the terrorist state should not participate in any voting on the issues of its aggression, its terror. It is a stalemate when the one who caused the war, the one responsible for the terror, blocks any attempt by the UN Security Council to fulfill its mandate.”

“This is nonsense that the veto right is reserved for the one who is waging a criminal war. It is necessary to lead the world out of this impasse. It is absolutely possible. The world should not be held hostage by one international terrorist. Russia is doing everything to make the electric generator a more powerful and necessary tool than the UN Charter. We must and can return real meaning to all things – and above all to the UN Charter,” the president said.

UN Says 14 Million Fled Homes in Ukraine Since Russian Invasion
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UN Says 14 Million Fled Homes in Ukraine Since Russian Invasion

Reflecting on the Feb. 24 second anniversary of the full-scale invasion, the UN's International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that some 3.7 million people remain displaced within Ukraine.
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