According to the Facebook page of the Ukrainian State Emergency Service, the death toll in the Zaporizhzhia attack has risen to 11, and 21 people have been rescued so far.

Russian occupying forces fired their rockets at residential buildings in Zaporizhzhia on the night of Oct. 6. At first, three people were known to have died, but as of the morning of Oct. 7, this figure had risen to 11 people.

“Eight dead people were freed from beneath the rubble of a five-storey residential building at one address. Three dead people were rescued from under the rubble of another four-storey residential building,” the State Emergency Service said.

It has so far been possible to save 21 people, 13 of whom are now in hospital. The rescue operation is continuing. Forty-five emergency workers are working on the site, clearing debris.

Oleksandr Starukh, head of the Zaporizhzhia regional military-civilian administration, explained that the Russian Armed Forces fired S-300 missiles at the city’s residential quarters. He said Russian forces had intentionally committed a terrorist attack by firing shells in the direction of multi-storey residential buildings.

“There are no military or important objects near the place of impact, only civilian and apartment buildings. During the previous shelling, the targets of the occupiers were mainly civilian infrastructure. People who witnessed the tragedy were stunned, but instead of fear, they united and helped victims,” ​Starukh added on his Telegram channel.

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Russian Armed Forces launched a massive rocket attack on Zaporizhzhia on Oct. 6, firing shells at several apartment buildings, with the local authorities reporting that at least seven rockets had hit the regional center.

According to the Zaporizhzhia military administration, on the night of Oct. 7, Russian Armed Forces attacked Zaporizhzhia, using Iranian-made Shahid-136 kamikaze drones for the first time.

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