It’s high time for the US House of Representatives to censure a Russian ally in Congress, Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA). The New York Post has featured her as  “Moscow Marjorie”  for waging a Pro-Kremlin disinformation war to the detriment of Ukraine and America. 

Unfortunately, Greene is more than a mouthpiece for the Kremlin’s imperialistic ambitions. Her latest antics surfaced on Wednesday when she announced plans to oust House speaker Mike Johnson (R-LA), for embracing a Ukraine aid package that recently passed Congress. Previously, Greene had sabotaged Ukraine aid packages by threatening to oust House speaker Johnson, causing a six-month delay, measured in thousands of civilian casualties by Russian strikes.    

Greene, a right-wing extremist, laments that “Ukraine funding is a corrupt money scheme,” that Ukraine is full of Nazis and that Ukraine is persecuting Christians. This outrageous pro-Russian propaganda has been debunked by the Inspector General that reported no fraud in weapons for Ukraine.

Recently, Congressman Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) issued a blistering condemnation of Greene on the House floor for making false statements. Greene’s portrayal of innocent Ukrainian citizens as Nazis, is a myth repeated right out of the Kremlin’s playbook. Historian and Holocaust expert, Timothy Snyder also debunked claims by Greene that Nazism is rampant in Ukrainian politics. Snyder, testified on the House floor “that anyone who wants to stop fascism” should stop Russia.            

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Her statements that Ukraine persecutes Christians while Russia doesn’t, turns the truth upside down. Russia is the country that murders and tortures Christians according to Stephen Moore, founder of the Ukraine Freedom Project. Russian forces bombed 600 churches and murdered 30 Christian leaders in Ukraine; tortured and imprisoned Muslim Crimean Tartars and Jehovah witnesses. The Religious Information Service of Ukraine reports that Russian forces seized a Christian Evangelical deacon, Anatoliy Prokopchuk, and his son, whose bodies were found “mutilated beyond recognition” in south Ukraine.


Practically all Americans would support Ukraine if they realized that taxpayers have spent comparatively nothing. A mere 3 percent of US defense budget is being spent on Ukraine. Money allocated for replenishment stocks creates manufacturing jobs for Americans, modernizing our defense with shiny new equipment for America.

That pittance of money- comparatively speaking- is preventing Russia’s autocratic march into Europe, and America’s potential entry into a world war. Providing Ukraine weaponry now saves thousands of American lives and trillions of dollars later.     

The alarming extent of Russian disinformation surfaced after House Intelligence chair, Mike Turner (R-OH) warned that “Russian propaganda is being repeated on the House floor.” Although Turner failed to mention names, Greene and other extremists are the obvious culprits. These national security concerns were echoed by House Foreign Affairs Committee chair Michael McCaul, who warned that ‘Russian propaganda is affecting part of the Republican party’. 


Greene’s religious messaging that Ukraine is persecuting Christians is egregiously false and aimed at undermining Congressional support for Ukraine. On a related issue, a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm is messaging religious issues on Capitol Hill and has a client, pro-Russian oligarch Vadym Novinsky. 

The Ukrainian government has sanctioned Novinsky with a host of alleged charges. He fled Ukraine and is currently masquerading as a deacon at a Russian Orthodox church in Zurich, Switzerland.

The fact that a Washington, D.C. lobbying firm announced they have an oligarch as a client raises concerns. According to US government documents $100,000 was spent lobbying for “issues associated with religious freedom.” This sounds innocent, except that the lobbying group’s client (Novinsky) is connected to the Kremlin-controlled Russian Orthodox church that just declared a “holy war” against Ukraine.           

Finally, after six months of delay, the House advanced a $61 billion Ukraine aid package that overwhelmingly passed the House and Senate. House Speaker Johnson courageously embraced Ukraine aid, to the delight of Reagan Republicans. Johnson’s change of heart partially stems from 500 Americans that recently convened a Ukrainian Action summit in Washington. Three-hundred-fifty meetings were held to educate Congress and counteract Russian disinformation.     


Congress should censure Greene and others and determine the extent of Russia collusion between Pro- Kremlin lobbyists and members of Congress. 

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