French musician Pascal Roth is hosting a charity concert in Kyiv on Saturday, Jan. 14. Part of the raised funds will go towards helping Ukrainian children. He is one of many supporters of Ukraine from abroad who are doing their best in these difficult times to help the country and its population withstand the barbaric war waged against them by Russia. Kyiv Post spoke to Pascal about his reasons for coming to Ukraine and supporting Ukrainians in this way.

 Is this your first charity event in Ukraine? Have you hosted concerts in aid of Ukraine before?

 Yes. I’ve been to Ukraine during the war, and I didn't want to play back then out of respect for the dead and all those whose lives were broken. But this time, my friends insisted I play to help Ukrainian children.


 With the money from the concert, we will buy food and toys for the children. So, I accepted the offer because Ukrainian children are brave and innocent little angels.

 In Europe, I have already played several charity Ukraine events. The last time was in Switzerland. All the money was donated in August to Ukraine. In Europe, I have also helped Ukrainian refugee families to find apartments without having to pay rent. They are very happy they have nothing to pay and can live in peace with their children.

 Being a French citizen, why do you support Ukraine in this way? Maybe you have some Ukrainian ties/ancestors?

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 It is normal for a French citizen to come to help and support the Ukrainian nation. It's the same fight. It is a humanitarian cause. No, I don't have Ukrainian ancestors, but maybe in a past life. Who knows.

 Aren’t you afraid of missile attacks while being here in Kyiv? Being here is dangerous in many ways.

No, I'm not afraid of those missile attacks. If I was afraid, I would not have come to Ukraine. I am a warrior at heart. Yes, I'm risking my life, but it doesn't matter. It is God who will choose.  When I see grandmothers and women and all these soldiers in Ukraine so brave, what a magnificent example of courage. I have great respect for them. I have to be like them.


 You mentioned that entry to your concert is free. So you’re going to collect donations?

 It was the bosses of my friends' bar who decided on free entry. They’re going to donate 30 percent of the profits. I wanted them to give 50 percent, but they said it's not possible because there are fees and taxes. There will also be a symbolic piggy bank available to customers who can donate what they want. For my part, I do not ask and do not take money.  I play free to help. I pay for my trip and my expenses myself. I did the same in Europe for Ukraine charity events.

 How much money do you hope to raise?

 I don't know how much money we will collect, but I hope it will be a lot the children.

Have you already found the organization you’re going to donate the money to? Do you know what it will go towards?

Yes, the money will be donated to an organization that works with the Saint Michael Monastery I Kyiv.This association collects money every Sunday for Ukrainian families and children and the Ukrainian army.


 A year ago you recorded a song “Angels of Kyiv.” Tell us how it came about.

 I called the song "Angels of Kyiv" about the courage and bravery of the Ukrainian Warrior Angels, a visionary song. But it can be "Angels of Paris," or New York, or any other part of the world ... This song is about people who carry light in their hearts as a message of hope and love in this difficult period of history. Life always gives a chance ... even if you are “at the bottom,", look for an opportunity to escape upward.  This is the idea I put into this song.

 I recorded it with Natalya Myrna. Shealways surprises with her works, creating songs in different genres. Her texts, deep in content, do not leave anyone indifferent and always find a response from listeners.

 Thank you.

Here is the song recorded last year by Pascal in support of Ukraine: Angels of Kyiv -


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