Greetings, on this, the last day of the Old Year according to the Julian calendar as we stand poised to re-enter the “New Year.”

Today, I'd like to introduce some new elements. First we have added a new section called Rebuilding Ukraine, which will be looking forward to the challenges awaiting Ukraine as it emerges, we believe, victoriously from this horrible war that Russia has imposed on the country. It will encompass issues concerning the future shape and form of Ukraine once reconstruction and renewal are able to take place. These range from economic and financial challenges, and those of governance and accountability, those of safeguarding security, and reaffirming and consolidating the prerequisites for a stronger, revamped, and inclusive political nation based on European democratic principles.  We will be open to contributions from those who have ideas on these matters.


Secondly, I am introducing my own personal space for commenting on topical events, which I shall call Periscope – the name that I have used before on these pages when offering my views on what’s happening. In it I will share my thoughts on the most recent developments and pertinent issues.

Today, as we leave for good the old year, in the traditional sense, and look ahead, I want to emphasize that Kyiv Post remains not only a source of news, opinion, and informed analysis, but a platform for analysis and opinion based on respect for pluralism, being constructive and stimulating thinking about the past, present, and especially the future.

Polish-Ukrainian Reconciliation – Bridging the Gap
Other Topics of Interest

Polish-Ukrainian Reconciliation – Bridging the Gap

In the emotionally charged period of Polish-Ukrainian historical disputes, against the backdrop of Russia’s brutal war on Ukraine, events are taking place that build bridges between people.

As our CEO suggests in his opinion in his op-ed today, you may not necessarily agree with what you encounter in Kyiv Post, but it is our duty to be open, objective, and constructive. In the name not only of informing the public at home and abroad about realities related to Ukraine, but also providing reliable,  provoking and informative reporting, thought and discussion about the way forward. And all the while adhering to, and setting, the highest standards of independent journalism.


Thank you for being with us. Your support and feedback are important for us. 

And onward together into 2023, and beyond.

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