Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki called on allies to consolidate efforts in helping Ukraine, given that "the future of Poland depends on the future of Ukraine," according to Polish newspaper Dziennik Gazeta Prawna.


"We help Ukraine because our own future depends on our Eastern neighbor; we do more than others because we have more to lose – as well as to gain," Morawiecki said.


The Polish PM also expressed support for Ukraine's efforts on its accession path to the EU.


"Getting candidate status was a great success. But we can't stop halfway. Ukraine is paying a huge and bloody price today for trying to get out from under the Russian boot," he said.


"The events on Kyiv's Maidan put them on the path to the EU, and the vision of Ukrainians regarding joining the EU motivates them to stay on this path, on this extremely difficult and dangerous road," he added.



Morawiecki once again emphasized that Ukraine will not be able to defeat Russia without Western solidarity, including sanctions as well as financial, humanitarian, and military assistance.


"We must admit that it will be a big challenge to keep the EU member countries enthusiastic [from a long-term perspective]. But the most important thing that we must continue is European unity and determination to support the defenders of Ukraine. We have woken up the West, so we can't let it fall asleep again," he added.



Ukrainian World Congress Summit: Strategic Meetings and Discussions for Victory
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Ukrainian World Congress Summit: Strategic Meetings and Discussions for Victory

The objective of the Summit was to develop strategies that would enhance support for Ukraine and safeguard its interests amid unparalleled security and existential threats.
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