At the 17th meeting of the Yalta European Strategy (YES) forum, “Ukraine for the Protection of our Common Freedom,” President Volodymyr Zelensky stressed that to start any negotiations, Russia must move from the status of a terrorist state to the status of an enemy.

“The Russian Federation should have the status of an enemy so that we can open a diplomatic corridor with it, which opens up certain diplomatic steps,” the president believes.

Then the Russian authorities must decide to withdraw to the original border of February 24, 2022, before the start of a full-scale invasion. According to Zelensky, Russia must show political will and willingness to give up the occupied lands.

“While the Kremlin is not ready to change its status, they are not ready to recognize themselves as occupiers. They are not ready to admit that this is a great tragedy, a historical mistake, and to leave. If they are not ready, it means they have no political will and there will be no meaningful dialogue until then,” the President of Ukraine explained.


Zelensky also noted that this winter is a turning point which can lead to Ukraine’s rapid de–ode-occupation. The counteroffensive began in September, across a significant part of the territory of the occupied Kharkiv region. The offensive continues in the southern direction.

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