Belarus strongman and close Kremlin ally Alexander Lukashenko said during a visit to China Wednesday that his country fully supports an initiative put forward by Beijing to achieve peace in Ukraine.

"Today's meeting is taking place at a very difficult time, which calls for new, unorthodox approaches and responsible political decisions," Lukashenko told China's President Xi Jinping.

"They should be aimed at first and foremost preventing a slide into a global confrontation that will see no winners," he said.

"That is why Belarus is actively coming up with peace proposals, and fully supports the initiative on international security you have put forward," Lukashenko told Xi in remarks released by his aides.

He also said that Belarus wanted to increase technological cooperation with China.

The state visit to the Chinese capital by Lukashenko -- a staunch ally of Russian President Vladimir Putin -- comes as Beijing plays an increasingly prominent role on the sidelines of Moscow's year-long offensive in Ukraine.

China has framed itself as a neutral party for much of the war, while retaining close ties with Russia, and last week unveiled a 12-point paper to bring peace.

Lukashenko allowed Russia to use Belarus as a staging ground for its Ukraine assault, but has so far held back on sending Belarusian troops to Ukraine.


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dan mullock
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China wants the outcome of the war to benefit China. If Russia "wins" eastern Ukraine, it does not change the status quo for China very much except that Russia is more dependent on Chinese markets and technical support assuming Western sanctions hold, so China wins. If the war ends in a stalemate in which Russia retains some territory, same outcome for China. If Ukraine pushes Russia back to the 2013 borders, fully restoring national sovereignty, and the Russian Federation breaks up into several parts, this outcome is highly favorable to China. Russia has huge natural resources, many in the eastern portions where Russia and China share a border. Removing Russian Federation ownership of those areas make them ripe for Chinese control and perhaps even expansion and would render Russia a much smaller regional player whose only claim to global power is their nuclear arms. So don't assume that China is enthusiastic for a Russian win and will dedicate military sources to help make it happen.
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There was a time when underground reactors were nominal to terrestrial threat.
Now with the Wuhan incident this is a special virus affect in forest as well as sea.