A Ukrainian intelligence agency has published intercepted conversations between Russian service members that are fearful of the increasing numbers of Russian causalities.

It has been reported that in a conversation between Russian serviceman, one was heard to complain: "It's just genocide, the sifting of people. If they don't stop it soon, we will really bring the Ukrainians to the Kremlin ourselves."

He went on to say that Ukraine has become “… a military training ground where the whole world is testing its military weapons, and we were told to go there. Our losses are enormous. These stupid volunteers, who went to fight for the motherland, to save people they’re just fools led to the slaughter."

The conversation went on to express his attitude to the war in Ukraine and predicted the future for the Russian leadership: "That we came for peace and to protect people is all an absolute lie.

"The people who come back from here to Russia will tear down military offices and government buildings. It will be like in 1993. The army will turn on them.”

These Russian occupiers suggested that Putin must prepare a plan for withdrawal: “If Putin doesn't stop all this in the next couple of months, he will be finished."

In the Bakhmut sector Russia continues to suffer huge numbers of casualties in its fight with the Ukrainian defenders. Russian forces try to mount attacks against the city daily. However, the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ positions are well established and form a strong defense.

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In his evening address on Mar. 12, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy, claimed that Ukrainian forces had eliminated more than 1,100 Russian fighters near Bakhmut, in that week alone.

"These are Russia's irreversible losses there, near Bakhmut. At least 1,500 more enemy have been seriously wounded and are unable to continue fighting. Dozens of items of enemy equipment have also been destroyed. More than 10 Russian ammunition depots have been burned," Zelensky noted.

There are many reports of dissatisfaction among Russian conscripted forces throughout the international media, including videos of bodies of troops refusing to obey orders. This intercepted call may just be the tip of the iceberg as Russian morale reaches an all-time low.

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President Trump is a disingenuous person. He is setting himself up to withdraw support to Ukraine overnight on the specious basis that he is “against world war 3”,
This new slogan is designed to appeal to many unsophisticated and easily manipulated voters.
Trumps payoff will come from Putin, who is also in a position to blackmail him for events that took place in a Moscow hotel.
Ukraine has to kill the Russian military machine and liberate Crimea before the next US election.

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West constantly underestimates that the russian slaves have been suffering from oppressive regimes for centuries, so they're well adapted to survive in far harsher conditions that we can even imagine.
That's why the West made a HUGE MISTAKE when we lifted the IRON CURTAIN with russia and china some thirty plus years ago, and allowed our greedy corporations to use chinese and russian slave labor and cheap resources for their SUPER PROFITS!
West, Ukraine included, must completely decouple our economies and online space from totalitarian China and Russia BEFORE it is TOO LATE, ASAP!

John Smith
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If Trump could stop this in 24 hours he should do it already. He is a big talker and lying out of his mirror image butt. Why doesn't Trump get on his special phone and talk to his special friend, Putin now? Oh, he has to wait until he is President first? What sense does that make? Trump is a narcissist. He cannot control the devil in Putin.

Will T
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Appeasement of bloodthirsty dictators only ensures that you will be their next meal. Rise up Russia you're being lied to by your defacto ruler. If you rise he will fall. How many more men will you lose today? Tomorrow? Next week? It's a preventable atrocity all around