Ukraine will soon receive a further 100 Rosomak military vehicles from Poland, President Volodymyr Zelensky announced in his daily address last night.

The additional military vehicles from Poland follow Zelensky’s visit to Warsaw and talks with the Poland’s President and Prime Minister earlier this week. A new agreement for military aid was signed by the two countries during the visit.

The Rosomak – which means ‘wolverine’ in Polish – is a multi-purpose military vehicle. In different configurations, it can be used as an infantry fighting vehicle, armoured personnel carrier (APC), medical evacuation vehicle or platform for the launch of anti-tank guided missiles.

The Rosomak was deployed as part of allied operations in Afghanistan.

Poland may have a total fleet of some 1000 Rosomaks. In addition to the 100 announced by Zelensky, an additional 100 are slated for the future.

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Jack Griffin
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What a marvelous gift! Poland has been most gracious in taking in probably the majority of refugees from Ukraine. I wish America would send 1,000 Bradleys and 1,000 Abrams A1 tanks.

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@Jack Griffin, Problem is the US MIL has the Ferrari of MIL gear ... the Abrams uses special fuel and gets 1 MIEE every 3 gallons ... and everything is a piece of a big coordinated puzzles so without all the pieces ...