The main street of Ukraine, Khreshchatyk, is planted with chestnut trees on both sides and built with old but, at the same time, modern buildings. There was a parade every year for Independence Day on August 24. Military personnel and vehicles would travel along Khreshchatyk. This year, the Ukrainian military, as well as our equipment, are at the front, so the parade is a little different.

Photo by Daryna Kolomiiets

On Saturday, August 20, captured Russian equipment was brought to the center of Kyiv. Some of it is burnt out and some was left behind by the invaders when they retreated. In particular, broken tanks, armored personnel carriers, self-propelled artillery installations and a heavy flamethrower system were brought to Khreshchatyk from various parts of Ukraine. It will decorate the city until Ukrainian Independence Day.

Photo by Daryna Kolomiiets

Residents of Kyiv liked this idea. At the weekend the site was visited by children, young people and older people. They took photos and even left inscriptions on the exhibits. For example, “We will take revenge for Mariupol.”

Photo by Daryna Kolomiiets

In addition, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky also reacted to the exhibition. On his Facebook account, he posted a video from Khreshchatyk, and also added the caption:

“The parade of Russian equipment in Ukraine can only be like this.

Glory to Ukraine. Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine”.

Despite the exhibition in the city center, there will be no mass events in the capital this year. The Kyiv military-civilian administration has banned mass gatherings due to the threat of rocket attacks or other provocations.

These celebrations include today – August 23 – the day of the national flag of Ukraine, will see a flag-raising ceremony take place. And tomorrow – on Independence Day – August 24, iconic places, in particular the renowned “Motherland” monument, will be illuminated in blue and yellow colors.

During these official events, deceased Ukrainian soldiers who gave their lives will be remembered with a minute’s silence.


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