After 51 days of calm in Kyiv, 11 missiles and 2 armed drones entered its skies last night. All were destroyed. But in the rest of the country air strikes killed at least 24 people, including a three-year-old child. The city of Uman took the brunt of the attack, with at least 20 killed and many more injured . This morning, Kyiv Post asked people for their thoughts on the streets of their golden-domed city.

Andrei, 23, café worker.

Bloody rusnya [derogatory for Russians]… Today, I feel sadness and I feel anger. It’s hard to understand how this is happening.

But it’s easy to understand what needs to happen. Victory.

Natalya, 32, legal officer – from Uzhhorod.

We were on the overnight from Uzhhorod when the air raid sirens went off on my phone. We didn’t sleep much after that as we came toward Kyiv. Just scrolling and scrolling. And donating. As soon as something happens, it’s our ritual to make donations.


I did my university studies in Uman. It’s a really unique place with a unique history, and I feel so sorry for the people there now. It’s just a horror.

My husband and I half-suspected there would be attacks this week. The Russians take their May holidays [Labor Day on May 1 and Victory Day on May 9] very seriously and we thought they would do something for “show” beforehand. Sadly, we were right.

I’ve brought my son [Bohdan, 7] straight to the playground from the train station this morning. Just to make things more normal. At home in the bath, he practices killing Putin and Russians. I understand, even though we try to protect him from the news. It makes me sad that it’s like this, but I know his future will be better.

Humeniuk Dismissed as Southern Defense Forces Spokesperson, Replaced by Navy Spokesperson
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Humeniuk Dismissed as Southern Defense Forces Spokesperson, Replaced by Navy Spokesperson

Natalia Humeniuk’s dismissal followed an official statement from local and foreign journalists that accused her of hindering media coverage in the Kherson and Mykolaiv regions.

Tetiana, 67, cashier.

My heart is filled with grief for the people who passed last night in Uman. This war is awful and last night we were again reminded of that.

I feel especially sorry for our young people, all those young men whose lives are being taken from them on the front.


Now I have to get to work. That’s my front.

Anna, 17, student.

I am so sad. They’re trying to not only kill us, but to kill our dreams.

So, I try to keep living my life and pursuing my dreams. I came to the park this morning to draw. It helps me cope.

I have to get my art portfolio together by summer to get into university and I won’t let Putin stop me.

Olha, 40; Andriy, 38; Hordy 12; Ivan 9 – from Dnipropetrovsk.

Olha: We’ve been here since Wednesday for our holiday from Dnipropetrovsk. We thought it might be nice for the boys to have a break from all the online school, but it’s very painful to hear the news from Uman.

Andriy: We’re not surprised by this attack or any attack. The bastards have shown they will send rockets at innocent people anytime or anywhere.

Hordy: Putin should get some rockets sent at him in Moscow. Then, he’ll know what it’s like.

Ivan: Yeah me too. I said that too.

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