The morning after a deadly attack that claimed the lives of at least 24 civilians in Ukraine – including four children –, Russia's Defense Ministry posted a picture of a missile launch with the quote, "Right on target."

 The message was accompanied by the hashtag ГероиZ, which means "heroes" in Russian and includes the symbol of Russian aggression, the letter Z.

 In the town of Uman in central Ukraine, at least 22 people were killed and several more wounded after a rocket hit a residential building. In Dnipro a woman and a three-year-old child were killed in another missile strike.


 Meanwhile, on Telegram channels, self-proclaimed "Z-patriots" - Russians who passionately support the war against Ukraine - were celebrating the missile attack and the resulting deaths.

 Here are some of the quotes that were shared:

 "We didn't cause enough destruction. We should have hit the foundation."

 "The Khokhlota (an insulting term for Ukrainians) must suffer."

 "Throw out your air defenses, Ukrainians."

 "The new air defense systems from Western partners couldn't even shoot down a Russian missile."

 "Let all Ukrainians die."

 Yuri Ignat, the speaker of the Ukrainian Air Force, has revealed that the missiles launched by Russia overnight are difficult to detect and shoot down.

 "According to updated information, the Iskander-K missiles were launched from the southern direction. This cruise missile has the same tactical and technical characteristics as the Kalibr, but it is a ground-based missile and not ballistic. The main challenge with this missile is that it flies at a very low altitude, making it difficult to detect and shoot down. However, our air defence has successfully intercepted similar missiles," Ignat explained.

 According to the latest information, in the town of Uman in central Ukraine, at least eleven people were killed and nine wounded after a rocket hit a residential building overnight, Ihor Klymenko, Ukraine's Minister of Internal Affairs, said.

 Footage posted to social media showed a gutted apartment building with rubble strewn around it.

 A young woman and a three-year-old child were killed in Dnipro after a missile hit their home, the mayor of the city, Borys Filatov, reported on Facebook.

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I support
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You are hollow men celebrating death such madness.
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The Bible says that God hates the "hands that shed innocent blood." That's #3 on God's list of things He hates found in Proverbs 6:16-19. How much more innocent blood must be spilled in Ukraine before the world is totally fed up with Vladimir Putin? I assure you, God was fed up with the very first shedding of innocent blood at the hands of Putin.

Putin's military war machine has been shelling apartment buildings, targeting civilians, bombing maternity wards, children hospitals, kindergartens, theaters and art schools, primary schools and even churches. Is there nothing sacred or out of reach that he won't bomb? These atrocities against innocent men, women and children are appalling. These are war crimes that must be severely punished.

Slava Ukraini!

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