Russia has shifted its missile attack strategy in Ukraine to target logistics centers, weapons supply routes, equipment and manpower, according to a senior Ukrainian intelligence official.

 Speaking in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, Andriy Yusov from the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, said the attacks were aimed at disrupting preparations for the Ukrainian army's offensive actions.

 He added that the targets of these attacks have changed since the winter, when Russia's primary goal was to destroy Ukraine's energy infrastructure and plunge the country into darkness.

 "The first waves of missile attacks were an attempt by the aggressor to force us to capitulate and accept conditions, but it failed," Yusov said. "Now, Russia's missile attacks seek to complicate or disrupt the Ukrainian army's further offensive actions."

 However, Russia’s lack of timely intelligence and reliance on outdated data has resulted in civilian casualties, according to Yusov.

 "These attacks on civilian targets show the terrorist acts, that the so-called Russian Federation and the Putin regime continue to perpetrate, [for what they are]," Yusov stated.

 "It is evidence of the genocidal nature of the war that Russia is waging against Ukraine."

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The sooner Putin understands that the West will not allow Russia to win, the sooner the war will end. In the meantime pray for the safety of all who fight and pray for victory. Ukraine needs F-16 fighter jets, attack helicopters, and precision long range missiles. Air superiority is the key to victory. Pray for that too.

Slava Ukraini!

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