Yevgeny Prigozhin released a video on May 9 once again bemoaning the shortage of ammunition suffered by Wagner PMCs and blaming the Russian Ministry of Defense for failing to deliver its promised resupply. Within the  27-minute recording, Prigozhin berates a grandfather who appears to be happy and in good spirits despite the challenging conditions Russians face on the frontline.

"Some people are fighting, and there are people who have learned somewhere, once in their lives that there should be a reserve - and they are saving up, saving up, saving up these reserves," Prigozhin said, blaming 'someone' for amassing ammunition instead of supplying it to the troops on the frontline.

 "And instead of spending a shell, killing the enemy, saving the lives of our soldiers, they kill our soldiers."


 Speaking further, Wagner's chief goes on: "And a happy grandfather thinks that he feels good. And what should the country do next? If he turns out to be right, God bless everyone."

 Who is this mysterious 'grandpa'? The context strongly suggests that he can only be referring to Vladimir Putin.

 "But what should the country do, what should our children, grandchildren, and the future of Russia do, and how to win the war if, by chance, I just assume, it turns out that this grandfather is a complete a**hole?" he adds.

 Prigozhin has repeatedly clashed publicly with the Russian Defense Ministry over the supply of ammunition to his troops.

Patriot Missiles and Leopard Tanks In Spain’s Upcoming Aid Package for Ukraine
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Patriot Missiles and Leopard Tanks In Spain’s Upcoming Aid Package for Ukraine

Spain said the package, including 155mm artillery shells or missiles for the Patriot system alongside other modern equipment, will arrive by the end of June.

 On May 5, he released a video in which he appears to be standing amidst the corpses of his mercenaries, shouting profanities at the leaders of the Russian Ministry of Defense and demanding that they provide ammunition to the group. He declared that, if this did not happen, the PMCs would depart from Bakhmut on May 10.

In the latest 27 minutes long video address, released by his press service shortly after the Victory Day Parade in Moscow, Yevgeny Prigozhin has claimed that one of the units of the Russian Armed Forces fled from a strategic bridgehead in the Bakhmut area, where about 500 Wagner PMCs mercenaries were killed.


Prigozhin also stated that the Ukrainian Armed Forces are "tearing the flanks" and will launch a counteroffensive soon. He did not specify which part of the front he was referring to.

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