According to Serhiy Haidai, head of the Luhansk military administration, 100 Russian officers were killed in Lysychansk, and 100 of Russia’s Wagner officers died in Popasna.

The target for yesterday’s attack on Lysychansk was an enemy headquarters.

On August 14, Haidai also confirmed a strike on Putin’s mercenaries, Private Military Company Wagner (PMC Wagner), in Popasnaya, Luhansk Region, where their headquarters is located.

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Haidai commented on the Ukrainian attack in an exclusive interview with the Kyiv Post saying “Let’s wait for official information from the General Staff, but I will not be surprised if we learn that more than 100 of Russia’s Wagner officers died there. Unfortunately, Prigozhin (head of PMC Wagner) most likely escaped. He was present in certain photos of that place. Still, the effectiveness of this Ukrainian attack was very high.”


The PMC Wagner base, in the occupied city of Popasnaya, was discovered by Russian military journalist Sreda, who posted photos of the base on his Telegram channel with the address of the bomb shelter written on the wall of the building. The strike by Ukrainian forces precisely targeted that same address.

Photo report of Russian military journalist Sreda in his Telegram channel

The destruction of the PMC Wagner base was reported by several Russian Telegram channels covering the war in Ukraine and a channel that publishes news about the Wagner members and announcements about recruitment opportunities.

Russian journalists claim that the Ukrainian army conducted the strike using a HIMARS multiple rocket launcher.

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According to Haidai, PMC Wagner is used by the Russian army to push through the Ukrainian defense line after prolonged shelling.

In the past, the Wagner force was an elite military group with trained personnel who served as special agents and had served in more than one military campaign or war. More recently the group has started to recruit prisoners from Russian jails controlled by PWC Wagner.

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