The 92nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade is by many accounts the Ukrainian army’s single most effective and dangerous combined arms regular army brigade.

Since Ukraine’s independence, the 92nd has been present at practically all major fighting involving the Ukrainian army, and in 2022-23 they became a standout unit winning defensive and offensive victories in multiple sectors of the front.


No brigade has a better battle performance record than the 92nd, and repeatedly, when the Ukrainian military has needed combat results, the 92nd has received the call.


In March 2022 the brigade won a critical series of battles in the Kharkiv sector, stopping Russian armored forces heavily outnumbering it, and in October 2022 the 92nd was the spear-tip armored formation in the Ukrainian army’s successful Kharkiv counter-offensive.

Tanker commander from the 92nd Mechanized Infantry Brigade shows high morale in a photograph taken in Oct. 2022, following a successful counterattack conducted by the unit in the Kharkiv sector.

Although not part of the leaked list of units to be officially tapped for the Spring offensive, the 92nd will almost certainly be involved.

Historically, where the 92nd has been deployed, it’s because the Ukrainian army’s top command has decided it needs results.

Its combat record stretches back to 2014 when, following Russia’s first invasion, the 92nd was regularly deployed to the frontline in the Donbas.

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