Dear Kyiv Post readers,

It’s almost 18 months now that the revamped Kyiv Post appeared, and exactly a year since the Ukrainian-language version was launched. And what better time to share some good news with you, our Kyiv Post community, about our progress.

Despite the immense challenges of having to renew our publication in the harsh conditions imposed by Russia’s barbaric war against Ukraine, we have weathered the storms and have moved ahead confidently.  

With a new look on-line publication and additional new Ukrainian- and Arabic-language versions, active presence on social media, and a fast-growing readership, we have consolidated our reputation as the country’s most reliable source of information, news, and opinion about Ukraine.


Kyiv Post's Editor-in-Chief Bohdan Nahaylo.

Let’s allow the facts to speak for themselves.

First our record-breaking traffic. 2023 has already seen Kyiv Post’s best readership numbers ever, with April’s monthly readership 240% higher than that of December of 2022. Already this month we have overtaken that figure and are fast approaching 1.5 million readers per month and on track for 2 million in the coming months.

We are confident that this growth will continue and that as we continue improving we will be able to reach the next levels.

Kyiv Post's owner, Adnan Kivan (l.) and its CEO, Luc Chenier

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Most of Kyiv Post’s readership is abroad, in the English-speaking world. The United States tops the list (58%), with the United Kingdom, Ukraine, Canada, Australia and Germany following in that order, then Sweden, The Netherlands, France and Ireland.

Our readers include businesses, media, diplomats, government representatives, students and the general public. Kyiv Post also recognizes the existence of a large Ukrainian diaspora and the existence of millions of Ukrainian refugees and sees them as part of its target audience.


Chris York, Head of News at Kyiv Post. 

Secondly, I’m particularly proud to inform you that as of today, according to NewsGuard, Kyiv Post is the highest-rated English-language media in Ukraine with a score of 87.5/100.

NewsGuard is a company that rates the credibility and reliability of news websites and is used all over the world by search engines, apps, companies, and governments.

Internationally, our reliability and credibility rating are now above CNN (80), Kyiv Independent (80), Al Jazeera (77.5), ABC News (75), Ukrainska Pravda (75) and many other respected news platforms.

We are aiming to elevate our score into the 90’s.

Stefan Korshak, Senior Military Correspondent at Kyiv Post.

This is absolutely massive for us and a sign that everyone's hard work is paying off.

First and foremost, I want to thank the owner of Kyiv Post, Adnan Kivan, for his vision, commitment and unwavering support for our publication as a beacon of independent and reliable journalism adhering to the highest professional standards.

He has also persevered with his aim of establishing a Ukrainian version of Kyiv Post and we are proud to have fulfilled his wish of providing an additional reliable democratic Ukrainian voice during wartime and the ever-present menace of disinformation, shallowness and sensationalism in the social media.


Alisa Orlova, Deputy News Editor at Kyiv Post.

A Syrian-born, long-term resident in Ukraine, successful Odesa businessman, philanthropist and Ukrainian patriot, he reaffirms that:

“My main objectives have always been and will never change - Kyiv Post needs to be a voice for democracy and for the people who have no voice so to stand against totalitarian regimes and corruption!”

We are also grateful for the important behind-the scenes activity of our CEO Luc Chenier in developing, promoting, and championing the Kyiv Post brand and encouraging its editorial team to reach new markets and audiences.

Dmytro Vakuliuk, Head of Digital at Kyiv Post, and Roman Kryvenko, developer.

As Chief Editor, I want to commend all my colleagues in Kyiv Post’s team for jointly making our successes possible, for braving the very real hardships and dangers posed by Russia’s war, and for giving the best of themselves in the line of duty.

At Kyiv Post we are aware that we operate in a competitive environment, and we regard pluralism and the possibility of choice as a healthy feature of a democratic society, and as a stimulus to excel. We seek to attract readers and supporters via the consistent quality of our publications and not by any unworthy methods.


Kyiv Post is Ukraine’s oldest English-language newspaper/online publication and has been going for over 27 years. It was and remains a benchmark independent publication serving as Ukraine’s “Global Voice” and true mirror reflection.

Zakhar Dunin, designer at Kyiv Post, Anna Neplii, correspondent at Kyiv Post. 

So, thanks to you – the readers, the Kyiv Post community – for your support and ensuring that with our help the truth about Ukraine is spread, disinformation exposed, and the cause of democracy strengthened.

We count on you stay with us as we strive to be your preferred choice of information about Ukraine and the relevant geopolitical context and reach new levels of excellence and popularity.

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