Russia appears to be making preparations to launch another large-scale missile attack from the Black Sea, employing a combination of underwater launch vehicles and drones, according to Natalia Humeniuk, the spokesperson for the Operational Command South, speaking on TV Tuesday, May 30.

“There are signs of a threat. The enemy continues to persistently maneuver the ship group. It also constantly moves launch vehicles. Because during the day, they were increased to four – two surface, two underwater… The full salvo of missiles can now reach 16 units,” Humeniuk said.

Humeniuk also noted that underwater rocket launches are more challenging to detect. Furthermore, the spokesperson said that the Russians are trying in every possible way to calculate air defense systems, bypass them and strike.


“They use waves, different types of weapons specifically to detect air defense systems. The first wave, which detects where the systems are working from, works for the second wave, which can then hit the air defense systems,” Humeniuk explained, adding that the difference in types of weapons determines countermeasures used.

Humeniuk also underscored the importance of not concealing the work of air defense systems during attacks.

Russia has recently intensified its attacks on Kyiv, with 17 major strikes already reported in May. These attacks have utilized rockets and kamikaze drones. However, on May 29, the invaders changed tactics and launched Iskander ballistic missiles just before noon.

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The early morning of May 30 witnessed a third massive attack on Kyiv within a single day. In response, the air defense forces successfully intercepted 29 out of 31 Shahed kamikaze drones.

However, debris from the intercepted drones caused damage to a multi-story residential building in Holosiivsky, leading to a fire and the evacuation of more than 20 individuals. There was one confirmed death, and 11 reported injuries in Kyiv.

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