Russia fired more than 500 missiles and kamikaze drones at Ukraine during May with nearly 90 percent of them being destroyed by Ukrainian air defenses, a Kyiv Post analysis of Ukrainian military data has revealed, at a cost to the Russians of more than $1.7 billion dollars.

After conducting a day-by-day analysis of information released by Ukraine’s Air Force, Kyiv Post identified that at least 563 missiles of various categories and Iranian-made Shahed drones were fired against Ukrainian settlements and territories from the beginning to the end of May.

Of those, 533 were destroyed by Ukrainian air defense systems which is a neutralization rate of over 90 percent for the month – during which there were some 20 combined Russian aerial attacks with most including Kyiv.

The attacks on Ukraine included 401 Shahed-136 UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) which Russia weaponizes as Geran-2’s for one-way missions. Ukrainian air defenses destroyed 362 of the incoming drones or, again, over 90 percent of them.


Each Shahed costs around $20,000 so the minimum cost to Russia of their deployment would have been around $8 million in May alone. Russia may have purchased some 2400 overall Shaheds from Iran, according to the Ukrainian government, but some estimates are lower.

Also used in the attacks, which are conducted from bombers, airfield launch facilities, and ships, were:

·      Kh101-555 missiles - 114 deployed; 106 destroyed; a 93 percent neutralization rate; potential cost; $1.48 billion. 

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·      Kaliber missiles – 29 deployed; 29 destroyed; 100 percent; $155 million.

·      Kinzhal missiles – 7 deployed; 7 destroyed; 100 percent; $28 million.

·      Iskander missiles including from Su-400 systems – 16 deployed; 16 destroyed; 100 percent; $48 million.

·      Kh-22 missiles – 5 deployed; 5 destroyed; 100 percent; $5 million.


·      Missiles from Su-300 systems – 12 deployed; 5 destroyed; 40 percent; $5 million.

·      Other unnmamed missiles – 7 deployed; 7 destroyed; 100 percent; unknown cost.

To scale the cost of Russian attacks - over $1.7 billion in one month - the Kyiv School of Economics has recently estimated that the total reconstructuon cost for Ukraine's health sector is around $1.7 billion.

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May 27/28 was the date with the single most attacking Shaheds when 54 were deployed and 96.3 percent were destroyed. 

May 28/29 could be called the most intense day of Russian attacks with a combination of 86 missiles and drones deployed against Ukraine; 89.5 percent of incoming were destroyed.

Date # of missiles and drones fired by Russia # destroyed by Ukrainian air defenses
May 1 18 Kh-101/555 missiles 15 Kh-101/555s
May 3 26 Shahed UAVs 21 Shaheds
May 4 24 Shahed UAVs; 1 Kinzhal missile 18 Shaheds; 1 Kinzhal
May 5 2 Shahed UAVs 2 Shaheds
May 6 8 Shahed UAVs 8 Shaheds
May 8 35 Shahed UAVs 35 Shaheds
May 9 8 Kaliber missiles; 17 Kh-101/555 missiles 8 Kalibers; 15 Kh-101/555s
May 13 21 Shahed UAVs 17 Shaheds
May 14 22 Shahed UAVs; 3 Kh-101/555 missiles; 7 other missiles 22 Shaheds; 3 Kh-101/555s; 7 others
May 16 6 Kinzhal missiles; 9 Kaliber missiles; 3 Iskander missiles; 6 Shahed UAVs All 18 missiles; all Shaheds
May 17/18 6 Kaliber missiles; 22 Kh-101/555 missiles; 2 Iskander missiles; 2 Shahed UAVs 29 missiles; all Shaheds
May 19 22 Shahed UAVs; 6 Kaliber missiles 16 Shaheds; 3 Kalibers
May 20 20 Shahed UAVs 20 Shaheds
May 22 4 Kh-101/555 missiles; 5 Kh-22 missiles; 2 Iskander missiles; 5 missiles from Su-300s; 20 Shahed UAVs All missiles; all Shaheds
May 23 6 Shahed UAVs All Shaheds
May 25 36 Shahed UAVs All Shaheds
May 25/26 10 Kh-101/555 missiles; 7 missiles from Su-300 systems; 31 Shahed UAVs 10 Kh-101/555s; 23 Shaheds
May 28 54 Shahed UAVs 52 Shaheds
May 29 11 Iskander missiles; 40 Kh-101/555 missiles; 35 Shahed UAVs 11 Iskanders; 37 Kh-101/555s; 29 Shaheds
May 31 31 Shaheds 29 Shaheds

Kyiv Post notes that, while there are some inconsistencies in how air defense data was disclosed that may have impacted on exact figures given in our analysis; we have made conservative assumptions where it was necessary. The data is that which is made public by the Ukrainian armed forces and was not subject to independent verification. Even so – the trend and the levels of failure by Russia is self-evident.

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I don't understand why Iran's opposing countries let them do everything they are doing. Or are they doing something? I dunno, but I hope they do more. Including neutralizing nuclear ability etc
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This wonderful quote by the late Robert Kennedy is so applicable to brave President Zelensky and Ukraine's fight for freedom.

“Each time a man stands up for an ideal, or acts to improve the lot of others, or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny ripple of hope, and crossing each other from a million different centers of energy and daring those ripples build a current which can sweep down the mightiest walls of oppression and resistance.”
― Robert F. Kennedy

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@Robin, which brave? war is criminal and anybody that support it, he is not human. because children', women', &men die
I support
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What a waste what a stupid war just go home will you fuck!
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@Saint, dead children are not propaganda
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@Saint, you're a dumb twat