Russian schoolchildren will start learning the fundamentals of how to use combat drones as part of their initial military training course, starting from Sept. 1, according to the Russian Senator Artem Sheikin. 

The program will cover the study of all elements of the purpose, design, technical features operational and tactical use of a number of military drones and how to counter attacks by enemy drones.

According to Sheikin, the proposal “was developed during the work of the section of the Council for the Development of the Digital Economy at the Federation Council and sent to the Minister of Defense of Russia.” 

“The proposal was considered and supported, including by the Ministry of Education,” he says.


Putin proposed the inclusion of drone usage courses in the school curriculum back in April, although his comments seemed more aligned to civilian rather than military use.

“It is necessary to include training courses and modules on the management of unmanned systems in educational programs across various fields,” Putin said. He noted that agronomists, builders, power engineers, and transport workers should acquire the appropriate skills.

“And, of course, I fully support the proposals made by our companies so that children can learn to control, assemble, and design drones at school. I am sure that, firstly, it will engage the kids in useful and interesting work, diverting them from activities they shouldn't be involved in. Secondly, this so-called early career guidance will ultimately benefit the country,” Putin said.

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Early indications of the impending program surfaced in June when various schools across Russia began purchasing "training drones" and other necessary equipment to be used in the education of students on drone operations.

The drone element is part of the planned expansion from Sept. 1, of the existing “Fundamentals of Life Safety” (OBZH) course in Russian schools which will incorporate basic military training.


Previously, it was mentioned that students in grades 10-11 would learn shooting techniques using the Kalashnikov assault rifle, the use of hand grenades, and the delivery of first aid in combat situations.

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