A Russian war correspondent has been killed in Ukraine and several others injured, according to reports.

Rostislav Zhuravlev, a reporter with the Kremlin state media organisation RIA Novosti, died during a Ukrainian artillery attack in the Zaporizhzhia, according to an unverified report from the Russian army.

RIA Novosti said several other journalists had been wounded in the attack near the village of Pyatikhatki, including its own photojournalist Konstantin Mikhalchevsky.

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The Russian army claimed the attack was carried out with cluster munitions.

“As a result of a strike by the Ukrainian army using cluster munitions, four journalists were wounded in various levels of severity," the Russian army said in a statement.

“During an evacuation, the RIA Novosti journalist Rostislav Zhuravlev died from his wounds that resulted from the cluster munitions exploding.”


It said the other correspondents have wounds of “medium severity.”

Russian war correspondents have greatly risen in influence during Moscow's more than 17-month long offensive in Ukraine, toeing the Kremlin’s line as parts of its propaganda operations.

According to a report by Stop Fake, Zhuravlev was caught in 2014 posing as a pro-Russian Ukrainian in the Donetsk region.



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James V. Canchela
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They're (Russian war correspondents) party to the invading horde that trespass upon the land of others (Ukrainian). Any and all deaths, injury, etc. is in part by their own hands. If the Russian regime hadn't decided to invade and they themselves hadn't aided in that endeavor, none of these circumstances they now face would have occurred.