Ukrainian partisans executed an arson attack on a Russian-held base in Mariupol, according to reports, the latest in strong resistance action by local partisans in the district, usually involving igniting fires at Moscow’s military facilities.

Petro Andryushchenko, an advisor to the exiled mayor of Mariupol, reported the incident via his Telegram channel on Thursday, Aug. 31, saying, “Mariupol Resistance Group ‘Y’ reports yet another successful arson operation.”

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He did not report the date and time of this recent attack.

According to Andryushchenko the partisans successfully damaged at least four vehicles used being used by the occupying authorities.

Separately on Wednesday, he reported audible explosions within the city.

He said: “The activities of the Russian air defense systems over the Central and Kalmius districts of the city were detected. Concurrently, the Russian aircraft departed from the direction of Rostov-on-Don.”


However, no explanations were provided for the activation of the air defense mechanisms.

Despite the Russian transformation of Mariupol into a military base, persistent explosions punctuate the area, while resistance efforts by partisans remain active within the city.

Earlier this month, on Aug. 13, a partisan arson attack in the city caused injuries to at least 10 Russian individuals. Andryushchenko said that the attack successfully destroyed a Russian barracks and damaged three vehicles.

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The next day, on Aug. 14, Ukrainian military forces targeted the Russian command post in Yurivka village, in the Mariupol district. This assault resulted in the admission of fifty Russian soldiers to the Mariupol hospital, with over a dozen fatalities.

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