Most attention concerning the future of US policy towards Ukraine has been focused on the political stand-off in the Congress between those committed to continuing to support the beleaguered country and those, spearheaded by Republican die-hards, who oppose this.

But the situation is now also being influenced by a swing away from popular support for Ukraine reflected in polls.

A conservative blog published by Princeton Policy Advisors headed by Steven Kopits noted on Nov. 4:

"A newly released Gallup poll shows ebbing support for Ukraine in the US. A majority still supports Ukraine, but clearly, disappointment with a lack of material progress during the summer campaign has taken the wind out of the public's sails." 

The question is what should be done to reverse this trend.


This particular blog went on to conclude:

"Kyiv needs a rethink on financial and messaging strategy, and right now, the surreal passivity of the Ukrainian bureaucracy and Zelensky's inner circle is impeding action on these fronts."

This a serious claim and responses from President Zelensky and the Prime Minsiter's Offices, as well the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry, are awaited.

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