Speaking at The Kiel International Seapower Symposium, the Commander of the German Air Force, General Ingo Gerhardtz, said that NATO must be prepared for nuclear threats from Russia and be able to strike a blow to deter Russia.

“For reliable deterrence, we need both the means and the political will to use the nuclear deterrent if necessary,” General Ingo Gerhardtz.

According to Germany’s Bild, in a more understandable language, Gerhardtz meant the following: NATO countries should be prepared to use nuclear weapons if necessary, if Russia were to strike first.

Commenting on the possibility of Russia invading a NATO member state, the commander of the German Air Force openly advised Putin not to encroach on the territory of the North Atlantic bloc. In particular, Gerhardtz stressed that ” Europeans will have more than 600 modern fighters in the Baltic Sea region by 2030. And there are also American planes.”


Earlier, former British National Security Adviser Peter Ricketts said it was likely that Putin was considering a strike on a NATO base to cut off Western arms supplies to Ukraine.

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