On June 19, the Verkhovna Rada adopted a law banning Russian music and printed materials in Ukraine on TV, radio, and in public places.    

According to the law, these amendments will  be in place until the liberation of all territories of Ukraine occupied by Russia and the cessation of Russian aggression. A total of 303 deputies approved the bill.

This ban does not apply to all Russian-language music but to music created by Russian performers. Public performance of Russian songs, use of sound tracks and music videos released by performers who support Russia’s aggression are forbidden.

The Security Service of Ukraine will create lists of Russian singers permitted in Ukraine as a result of their support of Ukraine.

On the same day deputies also adopted another bill which bans the publication, import, and distribution in Ukraine of publishing products from Belarus, Russia, and the occupied territories of Ukraine.


This ban will not apply to printed materials published in Ukraine until Jan. 1, 2023. If a book is published in Russian, but not written by a citizen of the RF, it can be imported into Ukraine on the basis of a special permit.

If the permit for import and distribution was signed earlier then it shall be revoked.

People entering Ukraine will be able to bring in their personal Russian language books that they do not plan to distribute, but not more than 10 copies, and these books should not be in the Register of anti-Ukrainian publishing products.

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