Boryspil International Airport is expected to stay closed until Ukrainian airspace is fully secure from potential missile and drone attacks by Russia, as stated by Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor to the head of the presidential office.

"This security situation hasn't been fully resolved yet, but considering the future, we can say that airports should operate in Ukraine,"Podolyak stated during a telethon.

Responding to the optimism expressed by the head of the President's Office, Andriy Yermak, regarding the reopening of Boryspil Airport in the near future, Podolyak clarified that it is "not a question of tomorrow or the day after."

"It was mentioned that the airport will start working as soon as the security situation is resolved. Here, we come to a key point - what is a 'resolved security situation'? We understand that Russia uses a key tool for attacking the civilian population - these are cruise missiles, drones that fly all over the country every night," Podolyak stressed.


Speaking at Boryspil International Airport on Friday, Dec. 1, during a tenth meeting regarding the implementation of Ukraine’s Peace Formula, Zelensky’s chief of staff expressed optimism about the airport getting back to business soon.

“This return to the elements of peace is possible because Ukraine has grown stronger," Yermak told a gathering of international diplomats.

“We are now capable of providing security for this site. Thanks to our defence forces and our friends, your countries.

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“I am certain that the symbolic boarding cards that you were given when you came in today will soon turn into real ones.”

Yermak's deputy, Andriy Sybiha, noted Boryspil was the first major site in Ukraine to be closed due to Russia’s full-scale invasion and would be the first to reopen when conditions allowed.

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