Sources in the Ukrainian intelligence community have confirmed to Kyiv Post that fighters from the Freedom of Russia Legion have reportedly infiltrated the territory of the Belgorod region on Sunday, Dec. 17, and a shooting battle is currently underway on the border of Terebreno village in the Krasnoyaruzhsky district.

"Russia is unable to control security within its borders. Putin's security forces cannot ensure the safety of their citizens," the source said to Kyiv Post.

"From Kyiv in 3 days to street battles in the Belgorod region. Instead of securing the border, the military is being sent en masse to their deaths near Avdiivka," it added.

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Russia's Belgorod region, has also reported the incursion incident on his Telegram channel but didn't disclose specific details. He also mentioned damage to power lines in several nearby villages.


According to BAZA Telegram channel, the clash began around 11 a.m., affecting the approximately 200 residents of Terebreno near the Ukrainian border. No evacuations have been reported; residents are taking cover in shelters.

The most significant incursion to the Belgorod region, which borders with Ukraine, occured on May 22.

Members of two pro-Ukrainian groups – the Russian Volunteer Corps (RDK) and Freedom of Russia Legion (LSR) – crossed the border from Ukraine into the Belgorod region of Russia in two tanks, an armored personnel carrier, and nine other armored vehicles.

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After attacking a border post, they then preceded to capture the town of Kozinka, a settlement in the Grayvoron region of Belgorod Oblast within 600 meters of the border.

The next day, on Tuesday, May 23, the Russian defense ministry said it had “completely  eliminated” the incursion force, declaring that during “the course of the counter-terrorist operation, the nationalist formations were blocked and destroyed by air strikes and artillery fire.”

The statement went on to say Russian forces killed more than 70 ‘Ukrainian’ fighters and destroyed four armored vehicles releasing drone footage showing purported attacks on the insurgents’ positions.


In posts on social media, the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC) appeared to acknowledge being pushed back, saying: “One day we'll come to stay.”

They denied suffering any casualties as a result of the operation.

The Freedom of Russia Legion also said that “today the Legionnaires made some noise among Putin's horde,” claiming it had "demilitarized" a motorized rifle company of the Russian Armed Forces and destroyed several of their armored vehicles.

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