The Polish foreign minister on Wednesday called on allies to deliver long-range missiles to Ukraine to help Kyiv target "launch sites and command centres" amid a new wave of Russian attacks.

A barrage of deadly missile strikes on Tuesday hit residential buildings in Ukraine's capital Kyiv and the northeastern city of Kharkiv with five dead and dozens of civilians wounded.

On Wednesday, Poland's top diplomat Radoslaw Sikorski said on social media that the West should respond "in language that Putin understands".

He urged allies to provide Kyiv with "long-range missiles that will enable it to take out launch sites and command centres".

Poland is among Ukraine's staunchest allies, with the new administration in Warsaw doubling down on political support to the neighbouring country.

Sikorski also said the response to Russia pummelling Ukraine should include "tightening" of Western sanctions against Moscow so that it "cannot make new weapons with smuggled components".


Appointed in December as Poland's foreign minister in the new pro-EU government, Sikorski chose Ukraine for his first visit abroad, where he said the West should "mobilise" its economy to arm Ukraine.

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Will Poland also allow those needed missiles to cross through their trucker blockades the Ukraine border?

Come on Poland, you were greatly respected for your early and substantial support for Ukraine. You know the risk to your country if they fall to putins regime.

Right now your truckers (and by inference your country) are locking like selfish smucks for stalling critical aid to Ukraine.

Please stop supporting putins agenda..

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@John, the west needs to pull their fingers out of their bumholes and start giving Ukraine everything they need and fast,no more politics,no more delays,no more saying as long as it takes,belive what Zelenskys is saying,bite the bullet and send what is needed for Ukraine to defeat pootin,stop hoping for peace deals that will never come,pootin must be defeated and fast,Zelensky has begging the west for two years now for the right gear,get off your buttholes and help the man defeat the mad dictator pootin,how many more innocent Ukraine folk are you prepared to watch die because you dudes just want to play politics

pootin is a dipshit
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@ukrainemustwin, Zelensky has been asking for 2 years for longer range weapons,the other countries response,here is a few limited long range weapons that we will trickle feed you with,we give them on the condition you dont attack moscow,we give you just enough to hold pootin back for a while,no more lip service,no more political grandstanding,no more saying for as long as it takes,or we are with you Ukraine,give Zelensky all he needs to defeat pootin,dont put any restrictions on where he can use them,how many more innocent Ukraine people are you prepared to sit back and watch die,enough allready help Ukraine now

pootie plays with his bumhole in the bunker
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@pootin is a dipshit, pootie is a war criminal and a bullshit artist,dont believe a word moscow says,he started this illegal invasion of Ukraine just so he could steal Ukraines land and wealth,the idiot pootie must be defeated otherwise the west will have to go fight more pooties wars,make no mistake he wont stop at ukraine,pull your heads out of your buttholes and help Ukraine,give Zelensky all he needs to defeat pootie the madman war criminal
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@ukrainemustwin, No arguments from me. I've been writing to various western / international leadership since day one requesting a drastic increase in support for Ukraine and unrecoverable punishment for putin. Its rolled out slower than most hoped. Also I've personally donated more then I ever have to any cause or family member directly to United24 specifically for Ukraines military. I hope grieving Ukrainians can differentiate between sometimes dithering, pontificating western leadership and russian / hungarian / turkish hamstrung global peacekeeping institutes and the overwhelmingly huge quantity of free citizens who want our nations to help Ukraine more.

However it could be much worse....Putin attacked thinking this would be another 2014 Crimean cake walk. With fellow democracy's help that much smaller nation has been whooping putins big butted military. Also had the russian invasion occurred while Rump was at the USA reigns, most Ukranians would probably be dead or working in a Russia's gulag.

They fight bravely for their survival. They have lived through one attempted russian genocide already and know whats at stake. Putins cronies have said multiple times since the invasion they wish the same fate again on all Ukrainians. I will continue my support of Ukraine.